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Who are we

Gloglo Entertainment is an independent cooperative label, making Africa the breath of an artistic
movement working at Living Together.

Enacted by our different artistic disciplines, our program focuses on the creation of broadcasting
tools, making live shows, musical and audiovisual productions, real issues of media and event
audience …


Gloglo Entertainment is illustrated through 3 shutters …


Making music our driving force, we chose to offer emerging artists in our catalog, an exceptional production
direction, an advisory service and support, to ensure credit, of both the public and professionals of the
The styles of music in Gloglo, fit into the current music, despite variations between urban, ethnic or
experimental trends : Reggae, Pop, Afro, World-music, Rap, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Electro, Zouk, Compa,
Dance-music …
Involved in the emergence of our artists, we tastily register them in our compilations and / or dub-plates, in
order to facilitate their later album releases.
In this perspective, RAGGABISSA, our innovative concept of urban music, is a real showcase to the wider
public, because of its festive and dance-floor character.


Image being an essential medium in all forms of expression of our time, we chose to make audiovisual, a
major asset in the development of our communication means.
Therefor, we are passionate about different types of works: video clip, teaser, spot advertisement, TV section,
TV show, documentary film, fiction … A multi-directional creative work, to meet the expectations of different
cultural actors affiliated to our unifying mission, in its vocation of gateway to the widest audience.


Our experience in leisure, hospitality, and entertainment, faced with the need to offer pleasure, has given rise to our great motivation to create the Afromania concept in two versions:


Even if music is here the conductive discipline, the Afromania festival wants to be also a performing space for dancers, slamers, humorists… in order to ensure a visibility to artists from various horizons, but practicing a scenic art in liaison with Africa. The festival is presented in 3 modules: concert-bar, mini festival, mega festival … It is for us a way to put Africa at the heart of an artistic movement favorable to intercommunity exchange in France, with promotional openings for every physical person and corporation in affiliation.

AFROMANIA "Boom" dîner-dansant

Qui ne connait pas les tubes africains et caribéens qui ont marqué leurs différentes générations ? De ces grands artistes qui ont fait danser nos parents et bercé notre enfance : Niko MBARGA, Ernesto DJÉDJÉ, Manu DIBANGO, Fela KUTI, Sam MANGUANA, FRANCO, KASSAV, Franky VINCENT, Compagnie CRÉOLE… À ceux d’aujourd’hui qui inondent les dance-floors du Coupé-décalé, de la Nigerian-music, du Ragga-dancehall ou du Zouk … C’est cette ambiance festive et exotique, faisant déjà partie des rites urbains de la France métropolitaine, qui définit ce concept de soirée aux allures de fêtes afro et caribéennes, auréolées de ces saveurs culinaires… gages de convivialité et de partage.


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